Weekly Art Crush – Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson


This week, my artist crush is Donald Robertson, the creative director at Bobbi Brown, turned instagram star (you can follow him @donalddrawbertson), turned artist who sells his work in a very 2014 way, through the app called Trendabl (which, I have to confess I don’t really understand – it appears to be a cross between instagram and a sales platform, but I’m not totally sure how it works other than you can buy Donald’s prints on there).  I spotted his work in this month’s Domino magazine (hooray, it exists again!  hooray, you can subscribe!) and was smitten.  It’s colorful, of-the-second, and fun.  I like art to be fun.  Plus he uses a lot of pinks and reds, which I just cannot resist.


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