Good grief – I have been delinquent in posting here.  I will get better again, I promise.  I think I’ve been lazy like the rain.  To start that off, here’s a few links for your weekend.  Have anything fun planned?  Sunday is the Oscars, which I just always love even when they take forever & have silly skits.  My money’s on American Hustle (could be just because I loved the clothes).
* Circus pictures from the 40s (these may make you want to run away & join up).
* Empty San Francisco (if you follow me on instagram, you know Golden Gate Park is empty after a rain soaking, but this is cool – photoshopped removal of all the humanity)
* I like “best of” lists – here’s one on the best restaurants in America.
* Do you go to meetings where ridiculous things are said?  If so, keep up with this BS generator.
* How to blow-out your hair.
* The reason why February is 28 days long.

(This photo is of the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland.)


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