Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend, and Happy Valentine’s day everyone!  I hope you’re treating yourself to a little love today no matter what your relationship status.  There’s just something nice about a day that celebrates love in any format & for all things pink and red and heart shaped, I think.  Here’s this week’s links for your reading pleasure:

* It’s finally raining, so a reminder on how to use an umbrella.
* Change stock photos, change perceptions.  Imagery is powerful people.
* The history of fancy toast.  Really/seriously & so very San Francisco.
* I did not know this about coffee, cups & saucers.
* Those scandinavians are quite clever when it comes to home decor, design and bedding ideas – two duvets are better than one.
* I am obsessed with this NYC fashion photographer’s blog – she covers all the fashion shows so you do not have to wait for Vogue.
* If you’re feeling like cooking this weekend, this shrimp recipe is amazingly good.  It’s my go-to for cold winter nights.
* I am totally digging ear cuffs at the moment.  A little glam/a little rock and roll.
* Fashion Week looks hilarious.  I want to go sometime.
* Made me laugh!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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