Have a marvelous weekend!


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  Hope you’re up to something fun.  I’ll be taking and making pictures.  If you’re in the mood to browse the web, here’s this week’s links:

* If I taught Physics, this essay would totally get an A+.
* Being successful ain’t easy.  Good list.
* Some tips for styling your engagement session in a romantic way.  I also really like these tips too for a little more color/dash of prep.
* Armistead Maupin has put out another book in the Tales of the City series (one of the very best ever & an absolute must-read for any resident of San Francisco) – I must add this to my queue.
* Gack!  I am never going to get into my favorite bakery now that the LA Times has written about it.  Don’t forget though, you heard it here first – keep reading for breaking news.  Every once in a while I’ve got some good scoop.
* Packing lunches with love – it’s the little things that make a difference.  I still remember loving getting a note in my lunch as a kid.
* Matchbook Magazine’s February issue is out.

Have a good one . . .


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