Shooting with the Podolls!



I think I’ve mentioned by super-talented friends, The Podolls, on here before, but as a refresher, Lauren and Josh are a husband-wife team of designers, and more recently shop proprieters of their own label in Burlingame (it is a gorgeous store stocked with their own label and a few other brands that fit their relaxed, yet incredibly chic asthetic that I highly recommend checking out – it’s a small boutique that is staffed with warm people, accessible items in lovely space).  I was so incredibly flattered when Lauren asked if I would do a little shoot for her while her cousin was visiting for the holiday & these are some of my favorite images from that day.  The whole family is just gorgeous and the kids were hilarious – at one point, her son was really interested in figuring out what I was doing so I taught him how to shoot.  You know, at 2 years old, I think he’s a prodigy.  Hope you enjoy!


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