Have a wonderful weekend!


I can’t believe Christmas is almost here, where does the time go?!  This weekend I’ll be taking pics and having some fancy high tea with a few girlfriends.  Hope you have fun plans.  If they involve spending some time online, here’s what I found interesting this week:

  • I am a fan of prints of photographs.  If you’ve met me, you’ve probably heard my “please make prints so you don’t lose your photographs to old technology” lecture.  But I wouldn’t have thought of printing photographs on marshmallows, which apparently is a thing.  I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I think it could be cute as a party trick.  I’d still encourage you to make some real prints though.
  • I just learned that the movie “Love Actually” is a bit controvertial.  Who knew?  I don’t always think too much when I’m watching rom-coms and this one has always been a favorite of mine.  The Atlantic skewered it this week, but this article mounts a lovely defense of this film.  I’ll stay on Team Love It.
  • A good reminder of rules for gift giving.
  • Photos of the Ibiza club scene in the 80s.  It’s just fun to take a look.
  • Such good news – Domino Magazine is back and now offers subscriptions!
  • There are so many great gift-guides out there, but this one is a favorite — it’s a guide to gifts made by members of the Makeshift Society, a group of amazing artists and makers in San Francisco, of which I’m pretty excited to be a part.
  • Just in case you missed it, we were on Style Me Pretty – California this week with an awesome, secret elopement.  (I think elopements always used to be secret, but that’s a little less common now.) Click over to take a peek at this pretty and sweet and awesome event.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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