The sweetest thing


Continuing this week of showing off family photo shoots, I bring you the incredibly sweet toddler Dashiell & his lovely grandmother Mary.  His parents (Lauren & Josh) are the design team and proprietors of The Podolls – their eponymous design label and clothing store in Burlingame.  I grew up with Lauren, as our Moms are the best of friends, and it has made me so happy to see her doing so well as a designer (she was a seriously stylish child, so it’s not too surprising she’s a designer now – my sister and I just completely envied her ability to put looks together).  If you find yourself in Burlingame, I suggest stopping by their shop (and I do recommend making a special trip & I say that without any bias because their designs are truly wearable, current-but-not-trendy, and cut from the most gorgeous fabrics, that you will not regret going.  They also carry of-the-moment shoes, accessories & a darling kids line they started called The Podots (oh how I love a little word play).)  You can read more about them on 7×7, and SF Gate.  I was so honored to take Mary’s holiday card photos with Dash – he is just the sweetest little boy and it was a delight getting to capture a couple of moments in time with him.


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