Style Me Pretty – California Feature!

You guys, I am so excited – we’ve got a feature up on Style Me Pretty – California today!!  You simply must go over there to check it out.  It’s the coolest wedding – the couple is from Australia and they planned to elope in San Francisco in complete secrecy — the two of them (and me, and the lovely Shana Astrachan of Fox & Doll who did her hair) were the only people who knew their plan.  It was so awesome to be a part of that.  On top of it all, they were absolutely lovely people.  And quite relaxed too – during our photo session after the ceremony, Kate put her bouquet down for a few moments so we could shoot some pics without it, and someone walked by and swiped it!  None of us saw it happen (they were walking away from the camera and I was focused on them), but a good samaritan saw the whole thing go down, so I played action hero and chased it down and recovered it (don’t let it be said that we are not a full service boutique!).  It was crazy and I was so worried, but Adam and Kate were just completely relaxed and it seemed to barely be anything other than a funny story to them.  Anyway, go check out the feature – it’s one of my favorites and I’ll have some more pics on here at some point soon.


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