Happy Thanksgiving, Links, & a Long Weekend


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope you all have fun plans for this turkey day – it’s one of my most favorite holidays, and I love that it kicks off the Christmas season.  I’ve mentioned before that I “do” the holidays every other year, and this is an “on” year for me.  That means a lot of sparkle and glitter (how can a girl go wrong?).  On that note, I’m calling it a short week this week, and ending on this fine Wednesday with some links for your long weekend reading.
* I might be quite disturbed, if I were a boy (to quote Sasha Fierce), to learn that I could now be rated as a boyfriend on the LuLu app.
* If you’re headed to Paris, this is my favorite museum there.  It is worth going for the Matisse room alone.
* “Just go ahead and do your thing no matter what” — sage advice and bon mots from a 101-year old.
* If you haven’t seen this yet, this is a pretty cool video.  But since it’s sparked a thousand spoofs & imitations, you probably already have.  I’m linking anyway, and this will teach me to put these posts out on time so that this is the place you all go for breaking news (er, breaking links)!
* Bob Ross (aka “Happy Little Trees”) v. Picasso.  In song.  Rap that is.  Need I say more?
* Having a holiday party?  There’s some good no heat required apps on this list.
* Lulie Wallace, one of my favorite artists, is making lunchboxes!  Oh to be 11 again.
* Have you seen Catching Fire, Part 2 of the Hunger Games?  I loved it.  It’s very fun and I was surprised as book 2 was my least favorite.  Here’s a fun article on the costume design for the movie.
* And finally, a Hollywood hair tutorial.


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