Secret Dinners



One of my favorite things about living in San Francisco is the amazing food scene here.  I would argue that we have the best food in the country right here in our little metropolis – seriously, you can’t go to a restaurant without having something amazing.  But all that deliciousness can leave one a little bit jaded, so the food providers have had to get clever. We’ve got food trucks and restaurants that serve one thing by day and another thing by night.  One of those places is Cassava Cafe – a tiny, cozy little spot in the Outer Richmond (out by the beach, and considered quite a bit out of the way in SF).  It’s my favorite place for breakfast bar none (think the best eggs you’ve ever had and bruleed grapefruit, amazing).  When I found out they do secret “pop up” dinners every so often, I knew I needed in.  You have to be friends with them in the social webs to know when reservations are open for the making, and if you snag one, it’s a total treat.  I went last weekend and they had a guest chef from Luce (my understanding is that the owners are also classically trained chefs who wanted to do their own thing in a neighborhood, which explains the amazing breakfasts), and we had a 5-star dinner.  Keep an eye out for things like this, friends – you won’t be disappointed and you might even feel very “in,” – I sure did.


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