Friday link time


Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.  Here’s links for this week:

* How to make cookie butter.  (This does sound like a lot of work, but I thought it was interesting given how beyond delicious the stuff at Trader Joes is – seriously, it is that good.)
* An invisible bike helmut!  If I rode a bike more than once a year, I’d so get something like this.  (No more bad hair days.)
* Have you heard of Chairish?  It looks like a cross between Craigslist and One Kings Lane.  Color me intrigued.
* 5 things you did wrong by 9AM (a little sad that I am so guilty of snooze bar abuse).
* In twin news (’cause I am very into twin news) – unrelated dopplegangers!
* 21 facts about the movie Love Actually (it’s one of my favorites – I admit it & I just love No. 13 – such a clever way to get even).
* The San Francisco Ballet salutes the Golden Gate Bridge (I die this is so awesome!!)
* Stocking stuffer ideas for men (they can really be hard to shop for, IMHO).
* A classic, gorgeous dress.


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