Have a wonderful weekend!


I really just don’t know where the time goes.  Happy Friday everyone.  This weekend I will be taking pictures, pictures and more pictures.  In other words, doing exactly what I love.  In case you’re up for reading the webs – here’s what caught my attention this week:

* Change your look, change your life.
* The girl on fire has a new haircut (hint – it’s short!).  I like it.  I just wish hair grew back fast on demand so I could play with different looks like this.  I just know that I only like my own hair short for about a week after a chop.
* This holiday season, I plan to rock a big, giant poufy skirt.  Just because I think it looks fun.  (Not this one specifically, but it’s in the family of options).
* Speaking of the holiday, I really want a fake tree this year that’s all sparkly, shiny and has colorful ornaments on it.  Like this.
* This wooden camera toy is the cutest.  My nieces would so get one from me, except that they know what real cameras are like from hanging around their aunt a little too much.  (They are crazy for the preview pane.)
* Clearly I am in the mood for the holidays this year because I think this is the prettiest thanksgiving table.
* My favorite tumblr account ever.  Feast for the eyes.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo -L


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