Happy Weekend


Happy Weekend, everyone!  I hope you have some fun plans lined up and that you get a chance to relax a bit.  Here are those weekend links I’ve been promising you:
* I have learned that getting kids to brush their teeth can be on the challenging side (who knew, it’s so nice to have clean teeth and fresh minty breath, I don’t get the issue, but kids can be really weird) & this article has some tips on how to make it work.
* Apparently, Martha Washington was a real babe and not the frump she’s been made out to be . . .
* Intellectual jokes.  (For when you want to impress.)
* Domino Magazine is BACK!!!  Pop the champagne!!!
* Dinosaur scientist rivalries (this can go along with the intellectual jokes for things to pull out in causual conversation when you need to sound smart).
* Humans of New York is an awesome website.  Trust me & click over.  But not until you’re done reading mine.
* A guide to Bay Area apple picking spots.  (Please decide to do this and to take me with you to photograph your family at one of these places.  Scenic, lovely, pretty please?!)
* Photos of the Twitter HQs (I find things like this interesting & they’re right here in SF.)
* More secrets of happy women.

See y’all next week!


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