Stock the Bookshelves Baby Shower

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Apologies for the lack of weekend links last week – I just got busy and didn’t get a chance to post them.  I promise I’m collecting some really good stuff for this week!  I was busy putting together a baby shower for a dear friend of mine.  I don’t know about you, but I usually am not super excited to get baby shower invites.  They tend to conjure up sheet cake and awful games (smell the diaper and guess what kind of chocolate it is!  wrap a string around your waist and see if you’re close to being as large as the mom the be!) – no thanks.   I tried to make this one a little more fun by asking people to bring their favorite childhood book going up through high school.  It was pretty fun to revisit titles of old favorites and made gift opening a little more fun.  My friend is having a girl, so I *had* to toss in “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret” by the wonderful Judy Blume.  (n.b. I wasn’t allowed to read this book at home growing up – it was on the “banned book” list, so I snuck to the local library and read it in secret, and was so very glad I did as it contained all the valuable teenage information.)


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