Paper Flowers



Many years ago (more than I’d care to admit), I decided it would be fun to try something “new and different” every week.  I liked the idea in theory, but in practice, I have a pretty good handle on what I like to do and what I don’t enjoy.  But I’ve remained intrigued with the idea of continuing to learn and trying new things in the general category of “things I like.”  One of the things I’ve always liked and missed is art class.  Not my college level classes (although I do still adore those and I take a lot of continuing ed in this area too), but I have missed 4th Grade/sit down with glue and scissors and make something-style art class.  Luckily for me, the Makeshift Society (don’t you just love the name?!) here in San Francisco (& hopefully soon to be in Brooklyn!) fills that gap.  Their members (& I’m one too) teach their skills in the evenings to those so inclined to learn.  I’ve taken calligraphy classes and product photography classes there & tonight, I took a class in paper flower making taught by the lovely Tiffanie Turner who makes the most breathtaking flower headpieces out of italian paper.  I learned some tricks and hopefully I’ll put my new flower skills to use one of these days.  If you’re not up for making things yourself (or you just like it when a pro does it), she sells her gorgeous large-scale flower creations through her Etsy shop.  I’d adore one of these on my wall . . .


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