Weekend time!


Happy weekend, everyone!  Hope you have something fun planned.  We’ll be shooting a wedding & relaxing after that.  Here’s some links to tide you over until next week.
* A modern guide to being a man — I think a lot of this must be meant in jest, but there are some gems in here; my favorite is “When you admire the work of artists or writers, tell them.  
And spend money to acquire their work.” — especially the second sentence!
* Sage advice on who to marry from kids.  I’m never convinced these lists actually come from kids, but they are pretty amusing regardless.
* This timelapse aging video & the story behind it is pretty amazing and powerful.  Worth the time & the click.
* I do have a soft spot for photos of baby animals.
* This tutorial on how to tie a bow tie is handy (& it kind of makes me giggle & think of the movie Pretty Woman).
* So I bought a pair of Birkenstocks (again – I had some in college) a few months ago much to the absolute shock and horror of almost everyone I know.  I explained that the interwebs were telling me it was the new “it” shoe with the fashionista crowd and no one believed me.  That’s right, no one.  Not a single one.  This article from Vogue explains that the fashion girls are totally into them and that Birks are having a moment.  Take that non-believers.  (And they are incredibly comfortable.  I will probably sport them this weekend shooting an outdoor wedding.  I loathe that I wear ugly comfort shoes to shoot weddings, but they are necessities.)
* Cheap and easy decorating fixes.  I must say, some of these are quite clever.

That’s all for this week, folks!  Enjoy these last days of summer.


2 thoughts on “Weekend time!

    1. Hahaha! Maureen – that is classic. The one you’re looking at is apparently the “most in” from what I’ve been gathering from my instagram feed (which is a lot hipper than I am). I have to say, I wear mine a lot more than I’d like to admit – they are shockingly comfortable.

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