Job Perks



One of the perks of working in the Bay Area is getting to go on location scouts before shoots & sometimes those scouting trips take you to the Napa Valley where there are about 10 zillion places that serve amazing meals.  One of those places is Ad Hoc – the most casual of the Thomas Kellar restaurants.  On a recent scouting trip, I stopped in there for their brunch & goodness was it amazingly delicious.  (It’s quite a miracle that I caught any food shots at all in this little medly as it disappeared within seconds of appearing at the table.)  It’s also a place I like because you don’t have to make a single meal decision — they serve one set menu for each meal & you like it or you don’t (this isn’t the place for picky eaters, but as a picky eater, I will say that you can be guaranteed that things you normally might not enjoy will be prepared here in such an expert way that you might just change your tune).  Not having to spend a lot of time on the menu leaves you free to chat and enjoy your company.  Just passing on the tips to all of you . . .


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