Weekend Links!


It’s already Friday again!  I could completely get used to 4-day weeks – I hope yours was good and that the weekend is even better.  Here’s what caught my attention this week:

*Have you noticed a lot of grammar memes going around the internet these days?  I have, and while I confess to sometimes caring – English was my least favorite subject in school. Seriously, diagramming sentences?  Super boring.  All that said, this grammar post made me cry with laughter & I am now picturing my own pet Alot.  You might too.
*I have a file on my ipad called “things for the nieces” where I bookmark stuff that I think little kids would get a kick out of.  Fairy Bread made the cut.
*If you’re watching Orange is the New Black and want episode recaps (I always need them because I tend to multi-task and miss things), I have been into these.
*The September Issue of Matchbook Magazine is out.  I cannot wait to settle into it with a cup of tea.
*This is cool — fellowships for older workers — I have always firmly believed it is never too late to do something you love.
*I am taking this paper flower headpiece making class in a few weeks because it looks fun.
*Did you know there’s a troll that watches over the Bay Bridge?  I did not.  So fun.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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