Arizona Sky


Sometimes when I don’t blog, it’s just because I got busy doing other things.  Other times, I have gone away somewhere glamorous.  (I wish it was more often the glamorous get-away, but it’s usually the busy doing other things that takes my time.)  This last absence, however, was due to some glamorous travel to the Miraval Resort in Tuscon.  A friend of mine found an amazing deal to go there (the kind you absolutely cannot pass up), and so I jetted off to join her for a fabulous weekend of spa-ing.  She lives in Phoenix, so we started there and drove out to Tuscon.  The roads were empty for long stretches and the Arizona sky must have given Montana’s a run for its money.  Our weekend consisted of lounging by the pool, taking yoga classes, eating healthy food and drinking pressed juices, and of course, getting massages and facials.  Truly the life.  I highly recommend it if you get the opportunity (or find a deal).


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