Weekend Links!


Happy Weekend everyone!  Hope you have a relaxing one.  I’ve been collecting links for a couple of weeks now, so here’s quite a few of them:

*Oh a trip down 80s memory lane to glamour shot territory!
*I agree, Tina Fey is always hilarious. (Cup of Jo)
* I love these ballet dancers in random situations shots.  (It’s what I imagine I look like when I leap over a puddle, but I suspect it’s really not at all the same thing.)
* Did you know Voldemort has a twitter account?
* The Real World will film in SF again & no one on the cast will have been born the first time that happened. (Honestly, I had no idea the show was still on the air.)
* Seating chart from the Kennedy White House & tips on creating your own.
* Wish I was in NYC to see this right now.
* Calligraphy essentials – tips for getting started.
* This kale salad sounds amazingly delicious.
* This just cracked me up.
Happy weekend, everyone!


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