Links for the Weekend


This is a bird’s eye view of my neighborhood from the DeYoung observation tower.  I shot it last weekend on my trusty little iphone.  I like going to museums on the weekends, as I’m sure you could figure out.  This weekend I may see what’s showing where, and I’ll also be celebrating my birthday a little early.  I am perpetually 7 years old.  I love birthdays, especially my own.  It’s a very good excuse for cake and getting together with friends.  In case you’re up for reading the webs this weekend, lots of links for you:

* Yikes, be careful about a “get out of a ticket” fib.
* It finally could happen!  A flying car!  It’s about time.  The Jetsons promised me this a long time ago.
* I just love a vintage fur.  I do.  I live in San Francisco so this isn’t something I can really freely admit (well, I am doing that here), but I have one that I inherited from my grandmother and it is warm and chic.  Disown me if you must, but these images help my case, I think.
* Giant peony paper flower decorations!  I love these!  (Spotted on Uncle Beefy’s fantastic blog.)  If orange is the new black, then peonies might be the new pouf.  (I am not sure the analogy works, but go with me for trying to keep up with the trending things.)
* Saying “goodbye” (personally, I’m a “best,” “-L” or an “xoxo” girl, depending on the circumstances).
* How did dinosaurs do “it”?  I admit this thought has never occurred to me, and I found this article fascinating despite being a little cringy/reminiscent of those birds & bees books that mysteriously showed up around the 5th grade.
*Hmm . . . first there was Match, then eHarmony, then a whole bunch of other sites, now “Gluten Free Singles“?  Goes to show there’s a market for everything.  I’m not saying this isn’t a real concern, but seems a tad extreme to base one’s dating pool on the food you eat.  But, who knows, maybe this makes things easier.  Who am I to say.
*Do you have a hard time taking a compliment?  This satire on the subject made me laugh.  A bit much at the very end, but pretty funny the rest of it is.
*I have always loved the little man reviews in the Chronicle.
*It can be hard to be an extrovert too.
*I loved discovering that T.S. Eliot was a banker & Wallace Stevens was a lawyer – here’s to dual careers!
* Legendary writers’ cafes.  I’ve been to 4 of 5.  Not sure what that says about me since writing isn’t really something I love.  Picture taking, yes, writing, I like in theory.  Like I like the whole idea of writing in a cafe in a moleskin notebook.  But really, I prefer taking pictures of what I see there.
* Cameron’s house is for sale!

That’s all for this week – have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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