Weekend links!




What a week!  I had such a wonderful one that kicked off with taking pictures of the sweetest couple at their secret elopement at City Hall on Monday.  I feel like I have the best job in the world when I get to meet such lovely people and spend time with them on their most happy days.  This is just a little sneak preview shot of their day.  And here are this week’s links from around the webs:

*The secret language of birthdays – this is pretty creepy/accurate for me – try it out!
* I would love to spend a day here.
* Pretty earrings.
* Great layout for addressing envelopes.
* No need to travel when California plays the rest of the world quite well.
* H&M will be available online starting in August.  (Dangerous).

That’s all I’ve got this week – was a bit of a slow news week.


2 thoughts on “Weekend links!

  1. Stunning!!! xox

    Tamara Mack 415-317-0374 (cell) 415-341-0404 Please excuse typos, sent from my iPhone.

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