Happy weekend, everyone!  Links are a little late, but here’s what caught my eye this week:

* New photo-graphic design app by Rhonna Designs (fun for adding fancy text and designs to your photos, like the one on this post).
* The Carrie Diaries is coming back! My inner teenager is totally hooked on this show.
* 19 signs you’re too old for this crap.  (I must say, I don’t think one is ever too old for a cupcake or a theme party, but the rest made me laugh.)
* An exploration of genetics via photoshop.
* Hashtag abusers.  #whatistillthinksentencesafterhastagsarereallyfunny.
* F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original negotiation with his publisher for The Great Gatsby.  So worth a click if you click on nothing else this week.
* Family brag here – my super smart cousin Tom Blake had his study about internet advertising published in the Economist!  It’s a great read too.
* A beautiful essay on being “weird” by the completely fabulous Uncle Beefy.  He’s one of my most favorite bloggers & I personally so relate to this.
* The 25 most expensive homes for sale in SF.


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