A facebook find (no kidding) – Vivienne Strauss’ Art


I’ll confess that I love facebook (mostly).  I have a lot of fun reading what people are up to.  I even like knowing what you had for dinner.  Really.  It might inspire me to make something more exciting.  But one thing facebook has never done for me before today is suggest that I “like” anything even remotely close to my tastes.  So you can imagine my surprise when Vivienne Strauss’ art page popped up as something I should “like”.  The initial images intrigued me, and I clicked through to her etsy shop & really loved what I saw.  This painting is my favorite – a whole crew of disaffected Audreys titled “None of the girls would dream of missing Evangeline Boatwright’s annual Holly Golightly party.”  I am in love (& I kinda want to go to that party too . . . but I might be grinning b/c the idea of it just sounds hilarious and fun).

PS – she also does some pretty awesome collage art too.


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