Weekend roundup . . .


Happy Weekend, everyone!  Hope you enjoy a few days off.  Here’s what caught my attention this week:

* Touching stangers project.
* Semi-disturbing celebrity “make-unders” – I’m not sure why the 80s are so heavily involved as I really don’t think all “real” people look stuck in that decade, but this is pretty crazy anyway.
*The history of typography.  This is beyond rad.  If you are at all a font freak/nerd/lover of typography/lettering/etc., you *must* watch this.
* San Francisco flavored ice cream.
* When I reach a “certain age” I plan to wear caftan’s all the time.  Meanwhile, I could so live in something like this in the summertime at my imaginary beach house.
* The joys of old age.  Loved this article from last Sunday’s Times.
* If you’re in New York, it’s apparently Mattanhattanhenge this Friday & Saturday.
* More from New York – vintage short wedding looks.
* Dear Abby advice to the girls of Girls.  Made me laugh!
* The original Best Thing turns 85 this week.


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