Saying “oui” & stripey straws around the world

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 9.11.59 PM


One of my very good friends is in Paris right now & she knows that I like to keep up on the trends, so she sent me these snapshots from a Parisian wedding boutique.  It looks like Paris is actually following the USA here – macarons (I get that they invented them, but they’ve been on our radar for quite a while now), stripey-straws, & liberty prints.  I love all of it, even if I’ve seen it before, but I especially like the concept of “yes.” A few years ago “and she said yes” was all the rage in bridal themed events.  I liked it – it seemed empowering to me, it wasn’t that he asked it’s that she decided to accept and that’s why things were happening.  In Paris though, you wouldn’t say yes, but rather “oui.”  That’s kind of charming in my book, and perhaps the makings of a new trend?


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