An iPHONE Affair

After all of my West Virginia scenery posts, I thought I’d share a few pics from the main reason I was there – to attend the wedding of a dear friend of mine.  She created a day that was just completely pinterest perfect.  The wedding took place overlooking the New River and the reception was in a gorgeous tent at a resort overlooking the river.  My friend took the time to make all kinds of details herself.  My favorite was mason jars pre-filled with cocktails sitting in ice buckets that were ready for the taking immediately following the ceremony.  It was a day filled with love.  I was there along with a couple of other photographers, including the immensly talented Greg Dupree (he shoots for Southern Living and Bloomingdales & you will love his work), just as a guest.  Specific orders from the bride to just enjoy myself and not feel any pressure to take a single shot.  For the most part I obeyed, but I couldn’t help bring out the iphone every so often (it’s a biological reaction to take pictures at weddings for me) & here’s a few of my favorite snaps.  She hired the lovely Melissa Perella to shoot the event (if you need a Virginia-area photographer, check her out) & I’ll post links to the official pics when they come in so you can see all the gorgeousness for yourselves in full technicolor.
PS – that’s me with the bride in the lower right corner, I opted for this number from Modcloth & loved it!



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