Friday Again – Yay!


And that means it’s time for the weekend round-up.  Here’s what caught my attention this week on the webs:

* In Finland, you get a baby gift from the government.  It looks pretty cool.  In my capitalist, western way, I did do a quick google search to see if you could buy one of these things.  Apparently you can not – I didn’t find them on eBay or Etsy.
* Last week it was pretty living rooms, this week it’s awesome kitchens.
* It just may be your grandparents fault — new discoveries in genetics.
* This sounds like a delicious drink.
* 50 rules for Dad’s of daughters — despite some of the really grating gender-stereotyping going on in this list, there are a few nuggets of wisdom.
* A new issue of Lonny Magazine is out!
* More news on the genetics front (just weird to have so many stories in this area this week) on hair color.
* Do y’all follow Karl the Fog on Instagram & Twitter?  If not, I highly recommend adding him.  He is the fog in San Francisco & the history of how he came to be is right here.
* Interesting, chicken-less, fake eggs are in the works.
* Oh too bad this move to get a job didn’t work – I love a clever approach.
* Sally Draper analyzed by a psychiatrist.  (Warning – spoilers in this article if you’re not up to date.)
* Sex & the City’s worst fashion moments (have to confess to really liking Carrie’s “Etsy” getup.)

Have a great weekend!!


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