Nifty photo gizmo

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 10.11.31 PM

Have you guys ever checked out Photojojo?  It’s an online store that sells a whole bunch of neat photo products.  Most of them are to make your iphone work better as a camera (or maybe those are the items I tend to click on).  I just stumbled on this gadget – it turns your iphone into a scanner for film negatives.  I have *so* many negatives in my archives & love that this technology exists as I have been procrastinating taking it to a camera shop to get developed.  I just ordered it to test it out & have my fingers crossed that it’s as cool as it sounds.
(Just a note – this isn’t a sponsored post, I don’t do that, I just write about things I like and things I see that I think other people might want to know about too.  Oh & this pic is from the Photojojo website.)


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