It’s time for the weekend . . .



Hello lovelies!  It’s time for the weekend again.  This week I’m actually a little sad it’s already Friday as I just had a marvelous little vacation in Santa Cruz.  I took the week off to relax by the pool at the Dream Inn & take yoga classes at Santa Cruz Yoga.  Both were absolutely perfect — the hotel has all ocean-front rooms, so you fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the waves crashing.  The yoga studio was perfect too — really nice, clean, open space and located next to a darling French Bakery.  (The bakery may have defeated some of the yoga, but hey, I was on vacation.)  Anyway, I highly recommend cruising to Santa Cruz for a not-as-far to go to get away to a beach town trip.  While I was there, I did find a few things amusing on the internets, so here are this week’s links:
* This slideshow describing why San Franciscians are so busy all the time just made me laugh (I think I’m guilty of a using a few of the excuses on the list myself).
* I thought I had a lot of cameras.
* Fun guide to wedding guest wear to be chic chic chic.
* Check out “conversations with a 2-year old” – so reminds me of my nieces!
* Did you see us on Classic Bride this week?  One of my favorite e-shoots ever & a pretty wedding we did at Viansa in Sonoma.
* I am reading this book right now & it is fantastic.  It’s sort of Twilight for grown-ups.  If you don’t care for vampires or magical things like that, you should skip it, but if you like that genre, this book is fantastic – I can’t put it down.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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