Happy Birthday to my Mom


This is my favorite photo of me and my mom.  It was taken by my grandmother Madeline when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  I had just gone to the dentist.  Talk about a sweet disposition we both had after that kind of adventure.  It’s my Mom’s birthday today, and it’s also Mother’s Day weekend.  I always wondered if that’s a little like being born on Christmas for her — fun, but a little disappointing since you get all the 2-for-1 gifts.  Without further ado, Happy Birthday, Mom & Happy Weekend, everyone else.  Here’s the links!
*If all little girls had a dad like this, the world might be a happier place.
*The title of this video “Lame Leno Skit Turns Amazing” is spot on.  For all the “kids of the 80s” you will die laughing.
*This is clever – what historical figures would look like today.  (I so would have gone for Shakesapere in my 20s.)
*A funny rant from Generation X (of which, I am a proud member).
*I missed this film at the SF Int’l Film Fest (I actually missed the whole thing this year and am kicking myself because they also screened Before Midnight), but it looks so interesting.
* Hyperbole and a Half is back & explains depression – well worth a read.
* I have a weird desire to try gelatin-based desserts, I think I like the concept more than the taste most of the time, but these lemon-basil jello shots sound delicious.  Sort of perfect for a picnic kind of thing.
*Do you know the history of crayons?
*Looking for a graduation gift?  I am in love with this purple patent business card holder from Henri Bendel.  So in love, I had to get one for myself & at $22, it’s kind of a steal.  It also came with cute packaging (v. important if gifting).  Now I just need to figure out who’s graduating this year . . .
*An essay on the great names of NPR reporters and instructions on how to figure out your NPR name (mine’s Lauran Amesbury – pretty awesome, right?)
*The history of diamonds as engagement rings (did you know the 4C’s were a marketing campaign? Ala Mad Men.  A very good one, apparently.  If you’re newly engaged with a diamond, just skip this link)

That’s all folks, carry on.


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