Friday, friday!


Oh my goodness where does the time go?!  I have been so busy lately that this little blog has been a tad neglected.  I realized I left y’all hanging with no weekend links last week, but don’t be too sad, there was not much floating around the interwebs then & I hope I’m making up for it now.  Onward & enjoy.

* I *love* postcards.  I love getting them and I love collecting them.  So of course, I loved this round-up of San Francisco postcards over time.
* While I’m more of a savory than sweet person, this post on Desserts for Breakfast in San Francisco could convince me otherwise.
* CoCo Chanel was a wise and quotable woman.
* I adore small intimate events – if any of you are planning to have a wedding in your living room like this awesome couple, contact us.  We shall figure out a wonderful plan to take your pictures as this is my very most favorite type.
* I think my sister is cool enough to pull off several of these things on this “nailing parenthood” list.
* OMG, I just learned they’re making the book Ender’s Game into a movie!!  So cannot wait for this.
* There are some really beautiful places in this world.
* Just saw the movie Disconnect – it was *so* good (and quite disturbing too).
*  Our dear friends (not in that “they sponsor us way” but really, they’re family friends from when we were kids) The Podolls launched an online shop!  They make beautifully cut, well constructed, interesting, sustainable/eco friendly clothes.  They also are lovely people and I am delighted that I can just order their stuff online directly.
* I am so glad to live in Northern California as working out in a plexiglass pod would freak me out.
* When I braid my hair, this is how I want it to look (I learned how from Ms. Rubi Jones herself too so I do know some of the tricks of the trade).

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  See you next week!


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