Annnd, we’re back!


Sorry for going offline for what feels like ages!  I have been traveling a ton, some personal, some for the day job, and I am finally home.  I like going places, but prefer to have my trips a little more spread out (as in I really shouldn’t recognize the TSA agents and they shouldn’t recognize me either).  What better way to come home though than to some weekend links.  Here’s what’s been catching my attention (that I remembered to make note of over the last few weeks).
* This Dove ad (?) short film (?) probably ad that makes a lovely point about how pretty women really are has been making the rounds on my facebook account, but if you haven’t seen it in your feed yet, check it out, it’s really quite powerful.
* If you are in Chicago, I highly recommend checking out Andersonville.  A full blog post on this awesome neighborhood is coming soon (or soon-ish as I still need to write up Seattle – I haven’t forgotten), but in the meantime the article I linked to has good info on a lot of the places I was going to tell you about.
* New blog love – I am totally taken with “Dinner, A Love Story“.  It bills itself as a website for parents who are busy and has tons of recipes for getting fast, healthy dinners on the table.  I’m sure it is great for parents, but I have to say, as someone without kids who still like to have fast, easy, healthy dinners, I have been bookmarking and cooking recipe after recipe from this site.  It doesn’t hurt that the author is hilarious & a contributor to Bon Appetit either.
* Fun press on my peeps at the Makeshift Society in San Francisco magazine!
*Goodness do I love this particular abstract by Cy Twombly.
* Fabulous rejection letter exchange.
* Totally in love with these green suede pumps.
* I still miss Domino magazine every single day.  Yes, I mean that, every single day.  I still can find a fix every so often & this feature of Rita Konig’s home helps (she’s one of their former editors).

That’s all for now, folks.  Have a great weekend!


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