(Most) every artist has a day job

makeshift society intern panel

A lot of people know that I work as a “lawyer by day” during the week (not for hire, but “in-house”) and that I schedule my photography clients for weekends and days off.  I don’t talk about my split personality too much because I worry that a lot of people will think that I can’t be creative with such a stuffy day job.  Hopefully, you all think otherwise when you see our work & for what it’s worth, I think being a lawyer helps me run the business end of things, and that it keeps your wedding day running smoothly because it’s in my nature to worry about things and plan and prepare for every contingency.

Anyway, I am very lucky to love what I do, and next week I’m going to be bringing my two little worlds together by speaking on a panel about interns at the fabulous Makeshift Society.  If you’re unfamiliar with the MSS, you should absolutely check it out — it’s a combination co-workspace/ networking place for artists and other creatives/learning center/art gallery/19th Century Parisian Salon in the 21st Century.  I have been taking amazing classes here taught by all kinds of different artists and other creatives and I hope to give back a little by sharing some of my “day job” knowledge with this wonderful group.  If hiring and managing interns isn’t something you’re worried about, check out MSS’s other classes – especially Maybelle’s amazing calligraphy class, which is just fun and you walk away completely inspired.


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