Weekend. Yay.



I don’t know about y’all, but I am really happy the weekend is here again.  It’s been a doozy of a week for me – I had jury duty, a mild but annoying cold, and I dinged my car up a little bit (enough to have to take it into the shop – boo!).  I am looking forward to a couple of days of R&R.  Here’s hoping your weeks were better & that you enjoy this little round-up of interweb entertainment:
* I love illustration and especially was drawn to these feminine drawings by Paper Fashion.
* Do you dye Easter eggs?  When I was growing up, I think we did this once and I thought the vinegar smelled bad and wasn’t a big fan.  This watercolor approach to egg dying may completely change my mind.  I think this project looks cool & I can’t wait until my nieces are old enough to come over and do this with me.
* This French ad for toilet (er, toilette) paper has been bouncing around & I finally watched it.  It really is funny & should make you laugh.
* Gotta admit, I am kind of digging white nail polish.
* In very local news, there’s a new fancy coffee place coming to my old neighborhood in Russian Hill (didn’t know the cute nail salon that was there closed up shop).
* Did you know Einstein was born on Pi(e) Day?  I bet that would have cracked him up if it was a thing back then.  I also bet he probably knew that, even if no one else thought it was a thing.
* Circus animal cookie truffles sound totally delicious.


2 thoughts on “Weekend. Yay.

  1. Happy weekend, Laura! As always, love the links…though I’m on the fence re: white nail polish (thinking it looks a little bit like white out). xo

    1. I’m totally cracking up!! I was thinking it could definitely trend white-out too — makes me think of 5th grade when I always painted my nails w/ white out.

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