What ya gonna wear?

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 10.02.02 PM

To get ready for wedding?  Now I am not in the business of pushing brides to get more stuff that they don’t need for their weddings, but I am in the business of making your day look really pretty.  One thing I always tell my couples is that if we’re shooting you while you’re getting ready, try to keep the area where that’s happening clean.  More often than not, the bridal parties will dump their duffle bags and assorted snacks all over the hotel suite where the primping is happening.  The more clear the areas can stay, the prettier your pictures will look because there won’t be clutter in the background.  I need to add this tip — brides, pick out something pretty to get dressed in.  I think this might be the last thing I’d personally ever think about because I am prone to dressing in my ratty bathrobe.  But getting ready pictures can be gorgeous & with a little thought behind your “dressing gown,” even lovelier.  There are a lot of vendors for this sort of thing, but I was digging around the interwebs for some finds that I haven’t seen before & came upon these three lovely options on Etsy.  The upper left is a vintage hot pink dressing gown that I liked color-wise, and it looks like it has a nice soft feeling that would photograph well.  I was also drawn to the subtly vibrant (is there such a thing?) floral patterned robe (the bottom image).  But my favorite is the vintage Pucci set – it looks so glamorous.  Ladies – I’d put on your pretty heels for the dressing portion of the day too (or at least for a few shots).


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