Friday link love


As much as I love a stormy night and the sound of a good rain, it does always make me dream of the beach, so this weekend I’ll leave you with a little glimpse of the sun.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend in front of you.  Here’s this week’s collection of links for your amusement and entertainment:

* Awesome chart that shows how to easily make pretty frosting colors for your cakes and cupcakes (or anything else that calls for frosting, really).
* I just love the circus (like love love love it, as in wish you could still run away and join one) & I totally want this book spotted on SF Girl by the Bay (I also have a complete weakness for coffee table books).
* My grandmother once told me that if I had been around in “her day” I surely would have been a suffragette.  I took that as a huge compliment (me & Sybil from Downton are like one) and consequently I pay a little more attention to that movement, which led me to this collection of suffragette photographs.
* The Onion always cracks me up & I especially love this article about the girl who won’t stop having life events.
* I cannot *WAIT* for the Gary Winograd restrospective at the SF MOMA – it opens 3-9.
* When I win the lottery, I will get an entire collection of Leontine Linens.  In the meantime, maybe I could scrape together funds for a gorgeous pillow case.
* I really want to cook this dish soon, even if it isn’t exactly bathing-suit friendly/beachy grub, while it’s still winter, I like a little comfort food.
* Good advice for talking to your stylist & leaving happy.
* This is a beautiful essay about Nora Ephron by her son about her final days.  Five kleenex warning though — read this when you can get snotty-teary.
* Outing myself as a complete sap here, I think “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge is one of the most romantic and beautiful songs ever (yes, cheesy, but sometimes that is perfect) and this rendition by Kurt and Blaine on Glee (yes, I know, but I admitted to being a sap who likes cheesy things) is just awesome.  Warning though – if you play it in the background while you read the Nora Ephron essay, you will need more than 5 kleenexes, you will need the whole box.

That’s all for now, see you on Monday.


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