Happy Friday!


Apologies for the lack of posting this week, kids.  I don’t what happened.  One second it was Monday and the next it was Friday.  I have been reading the interwebs for you & hopefully you’ll enjoy this little collection of randomness:
* It scares me that my reaction to this collection of things you’ll have to explain to your kids one day was “no way, impossible” — I think that’s a sign of advanced age.
* I’m a fan of boutique hotels, but I’m not sure this pop-up hotel would be for me, but it’s definitely interesting and perhaps a trend slightly ahead of it’s time?
* A round-up of wartime kiss photos via A Cup of Jo.  Just click.  Eisenstaedt + Grand Central = perfection.
* Did you know Elsa Peretti (of Tiffany’s fame) is a real person?  I didn’t.  I just thought of her as a bean earring.  (PS – this blog Habitually Chic is pretty cool too – a new bookmark/find of mine).
*Design Sponge published a great, comprehensive guide to SF (in case you have visitors or need some new ideas).
* This story is rad – this woman found an old telegram and tracked down the backstory.  You must read it.  And follow the instructions on the link – e.g. don’t jump to the end.
* Check out how SF has changed since Hitchcock filmed Vertigo here (I have a soft spot for this movie, among many others by Hitch, because my first SF apartment had the same view as Scottie.
* Another example (but v. well done) of the wonders of hair and makeup.

That’s all for now.  Oh, if you’re wondering – the photo today is from a lovely family shoot we did recently.  I’ll post more from that soon.  Have a wonderful two days off.


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