Have a lovely weekend


When I was growing up, I used to love this show called “Out of this World” — it was about the love child of an earthling and an alien named Evie Garland.  Evie could stop time by touching her forefingers together and unfreeze people around her.  I really wish I had Evie’s powers right now because I feel like 2013 is just flying by and I want to just freeze time and live a little more in the moment.  With that random bit of 80s trivia, I’ll move on to the weekend links.  Hope you’re up to something fun.  We’ll be taking pictures, as per usual . . .
*In local news, appears the Golden Gate Bridge is going to an all-electronic toll taking method next month.  Given that this is probably one of the biggest tourist attractions around and the gateway to Marin county, I fear disaster in the making.
*Did you guys catch the “So God Made A Farmer” ad during the Superbowl?  This riff on the concept about designers just absolutely cracked me up (as I am a self-admitted font freak).
* Things I already know for $1000 Alex — San Francisco and Napa are the happiest cities in the USA.
* Get a little tissue ready before clicking on this sweet fundraising link for a lovely, young photographer with breast cancer.
* I so need the two-headed exclamation point (among other obscure marks) — seriously, I abuse the regular exclamation point all the time.  I want to convey excitement without sounding psycho.  This mark would so help with that.  How does one start a movement?
*Chilling and amazing letter from Frederick Douglass to his former slave owner.  (If you’re not following Letters of Note on twitter, I highly recommend it for wit, whimsy, provocation and just great reading.)
* Downton Abbey fan?  Maggie Smith fan?  I caught onto her in her later years (e.g. now), and this retrospective of Ms. Smith as a mere youth is fun — she was a babe!
*Are you looking for some actually unique bridal inspiration?  Check out this gorgeous look on the Lady Grey’s site — I thought it was one of those fake shoots you sometimes see (albeit, a well done one), but nope, it’s real & positively stunning.  I rarely gush over brides I’m not working with (seriously, ladies, I am loyal! (a two-headed mark would be perfect here, some emphasis but not jump for joy nutso)), but this gal deserves major applause for a major look.
* This is my new favorite dress – it’s easy to wear and I think looks more expensive than it is (I bought it in real life, so this judgment is coming from actually wearing it, not just my interweb assessment).  I also think it would be really cute to wear for a photo shoot, so I’m just passing along the link love in case you’re in the market for something.

That’s all for this week, folks!  See you on Monday.


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