Weekend time!


* Just in case you missed it, and all the coverage after the fact, here’s a link to Beyonce’s half time show.  I kind of want to just be Beyonce.  She’s a star.
* Apparently Mary did not go blind from Scarlett Fever!  It was something else (not easily pronounceable) & I am fascinated.  I *loved* the Little House books, TV show, everything about life on a prairie when I was a kid.  Oh I could not get enough.
* On a similar note, I also could not get enough of Eloise at the Plaza & I was *delighted* to see a profile on Kay Thompson, her creator, in this month’s Matchbook Magazine.  There’s also a super cute spread featuring Sarah Darcy, the editor & stylist for Classic Bride in there too.  I heart Matchbook.  This is not news to anyone who reads this blog, I know, but I’m saying it again anyway.
* It’s a good thing this woman said “yes” — pink smoke, likely jail, all in the name of love people.
* Continuing with the children’s literature theme, this is just all sorts of wrong.  Anne of Green Gables is a *red head*.
* Oh I so love organizational things & am perpetually flummoxed by cords.  Love this round up of ways to organize computer stuffs.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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