Weekend Links!



Apologies for a slightly late post here — I don’t know where the time goes.  Here are this week’s links:
* Business cards of famous people.  In this electronic age, I hope that business cards never go away.
* I love this recap of Downton Abbey if it were happening on facebook.
* The NYT’s explains New Orleans King Cake – one of the things I miss the most this time of year.  I always get one shipped into SF from Gambinos.
* 15 of the least popular names for girls (I predict we’ll start seeing a lot of these again soon)
* Think it’s hard picking out an interview outfit for a regular interview?  Figure what it must be like to interview with Anna Wintour — these 13 people recount what they wore.
*Youch – someone overheard someone else’s blind online date & live tweeted it.  It’s rather fascinating.
* Taxidermy may not be the most PC thing on the planet, but this eccentric estate is captivating.


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