Weekend links!

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY/Laura Monfredini

Happy weekend, everyone!  Hope you have some fun plans in the works.  Here’s what caught my eye this week in the interwebs that I thought was worth sharing:

* Considering moving to San Francisco?  Check out this list of things you should know before you do.  It’s worth reading if you’re just planning to visit too.  (I do take a little issue with the idea that San Francisco is really into costumes.  Perhaps this is because my frame of reference is New Orleans where people *really* know how to dress up.  I have found SF’s efforts on that front pathetic in comparison.  But, I suppose that isn’t really fair as I’m gathering that it’s not normal in most places to dress up a lot.)
* I saw this recipe for just 2 chocolate chip cookies on A Cup of Jo & thought I’d pass it along.  I will confess to being very intrigued, and at the same time, not entirely convinced that it’s that much more effort to make a full batch, especially since you can freeze the dough to use later.
* This Instagram paradoy is hi-lar-ious.
* Check out my friend and fellow photog Dana’s pictures of Instanbul (as it was to Constantinople . . .  anyone?  get it?).
* I just love the high fashion weddings featured in Vogue; such an argument for multiple outfit and hair changes.
* You could accuse me of being a little bit obsessed with Paris.  You wouldn’t be wrong.  So of course, I am loving these early color photographs of the City of Light for a few reasons; they show the gorgeous city off and I love early photographic technology.
* Props and applause to Chanel.
* Interesting article about the founders of Milk and Honey (custom shoes) — I’ve been curious about this brand for a while.
* Did you see us on Classic Bride this week?


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