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Clearly never gets old in my opinion.  I just love the GGB and plan to drive over it a few times this weekend while I’m out and about.  What about you guys?  Fun plans?  Perhaps reading these links:
* If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, this cheat-sheet on character names will probably make you laugh.
* I loved this interview with the Girls’ costume designer — the behind the scenes take is so interesting and will probably change how I watch TV (that’s a big statement!).
* I tend to view most articles that start with “secrets of” whatever it is as code for “here’s a list of things that are completely obvious unless you’ve been living under a rock” so I was pleasantly surprised by this article with tips for finding vintage furniture on Craigslist, which actually had some new information (or maybe you’ll conclude I’ve been living under a rock.  Let me know).
* New blog to follow — I’ve been loving the daily illustrations on Jen Hewett’s blog.
* Still excited that we’re on page 93 of this month’s Matchbook Magazine.  Linking again in case y’all missed it here, on twitter, instagram, and facebook.  Yeah, no humble brags here, just downright high fives and backslapping.
* People are so funny & I am mildly obsessed with Wes Anderson.  Check out this tumblr called Kanye Wes Anderson.  Made me laugh.
* Y’all know I am obsessed with SF City Hall weddings – they are my favorites to photograph and I am amazed at how different they can be.  I loved this one, especially — this couple just looks so cool.  Beautiful photography too (I can like other people, y’all!).
* If you have littles between ages 5 and 14, the SF Ballet will teach them to dance on Saturday morning at the deYoung.

That’s all for this week, folks!


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