Learning to write all pretty & stuff.

(c) ellephotographer.com

This year is shaping up to be the year I take some after-school classes — I feel so lucky to live in San Francisco where so many talented people are willing to share their techniques, craft and art with the rest of us.  This week, I took a calligraphy class at the Makeshift Society, taught by the absolutely lovely Maybelle Imasa.  Maybelle’s story is awesome — shortly after she learned to letter, she sent samples into Martha Stewart (yes, *the* MS herself), who was instantly smitten, hired her to do some work, and she became an overnight sensation.  I love a gal with some guts who knows she’s talented and gets her work before the right people.

The class advertised as “not your grandmother’s calligraphy,” which I took to heart because I have horrible memories of learning the Palmer method for handwriting in school as a kid.  This class was anything but the stuffy grade-school methods.  Maybelle taught us how to write in a font that she’s devised.  It’s cleaner than you think of traditional calligraphy and having someone show you how to draw the letters makes all the difference in the world.  My skills are nowhere near those of the others in my class, but I feel like I really learned something and am able to draw much prettier letters after just a few hours of practice.   If you’re reading this and thinking “great, but it already happened,” you’re in luck — they are offering the class again in February.


PS – brides to be, check out Maybelle’s *stunning* letterpress invitations.


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