Weekend links!

(c) ellephotographs.com

* Love this round-up of photographers posing with their iconic photos.
* Seriously, bookmark this site for great hair tips.
* I don’t know about you, but I have always hoped I’d stumble on a great work of art at the flea market or in a thrift store.  Check out these lucky finds.
* I made these chicken & dumplings for New Year’s Day, and they were *delicious* if I do say so myself.
* Continuing my obession with twins, I loved these creepy twin photos — very Diane Arbus-esque.
* This week’s round-up is turning into a round-up of cool photos, but here’s some more — check out these photos of SF in 1906 after the earthquake layered onto current shots.  We’ve been seeing a lot of this concept, but this one’s in my little hometown here so I am extra into it.
* A little late for this year, but I’m going to add this anthro-inspired, ribbon wreath tutorial to my pinterest page for next year’s holidays.
* If this shot doesn’t inspire you to pull out the i-phone camera at gatherings with your friends, nothing will.
* I love this sweet print.
* The SF Chronicle’s round-up of the best new restaurants.  So many to try.
* & finally, take a look at my favorite shots that we took in 2012.  HNY, y’all & thanks so much to everyone who has let us into their lives to be there for the happy moments.  We are so thankful.


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