Braids! (of the cool, hipster variety)

oh happy day braid bar with rubi jones

So I follow a lot of blogs and read about a lot of events.  A lot of the time, I mean to go and then don’t.  And them sometimes I do.  And sometimes, what I go to is even more awesome than it sounded like in the ad.  That was the case with the Braid Bar pop-up workshop put on by Oh Happy Day (which is one of my favorite daily reads).  Rubi Jones, hairstylist to the stars and fashion model who lives in Paris (seriously, everyone in the room had to be jealous of that intro) taught us how to do a fanatastically casual/hip braided up-do.  (Side note, her name in this post links to her amazing blog, which will now become a daily read — she has *tons* of hair tutorials on there, including how to do this one.)  If you note the little photo on the left up there in the picture with this post, you’ll see what I did to myself during the workshop.  Note, this was just sitting there listening to her talk us through it, *without* a mirror.  In addition to re-learning how to french braid inside-out, we learned how to use a bobby pin correctly.  I have been putting my hair up for years and fixing bridal fly-aways for ages and I thought I knew everything there was to know about the bobby pin.  Turns out, the trick is to start putting it in your hair in the opposite direction of where you want it to go, and then flip it up and push it down — sort of like you’re sewing it in.  Also cool — we left with goodie bags filled with hair stuff (bobby pins!  yay! an awesome hair brush, and some lovely letterpress inserts — one with a tutorial on what we learned and another pretty calendar).  Anyway, the point of this long-winded post is that I am really happy I finally did one of the cool things I read and write about.  Hope you all are having a lovely week!


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