Happy weekend reading!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend in front of you!  We’ll be doing an e-shoot and editing pics, you know, the usual . . .  Here’s some reading for y’all:
*I have always been fascinated by names and naming trends (being one half of “Laura and Lisa,” the most popular girl sibling combo of the 70s may have contributed to this) and this article on the decline of “Mary” and the uptick in “Emma” is really interesting.
* Continuing the “names” trend, this article talks about the most popular baby names in England and quite a few don’t break the US top 100 or even make the list.  Could be a source for those of you looking for a unique name.
*I love this article on female friendship & totally agree that your girlfriends are a majorly significant relationship, not a sideshow.
*This author’s account of “every wedding she’s ever been to, as she remembers it” is both hilarious and a good reminder for all you brides and grooms-to-be out there that really, no one ever calls up your flower arrangements when thinking about your wedding.  Now, I am not going to discourage those things, ever (they do make for pretty pictures), but I like a sanity check every so often too.
*I love stories about New Orleans coming back post-Katrina.  I heart my adopted city.
*Really cool holiday mart at Heath Ceramics in SF on Saturday.
*Some background on the POTUS holiday card (apparently it’s a painting, not a photo of Bo in front of the White House).
* I secretly kind of love the idea of “polite police” on public transit.
* This is the most stylish bridal party I’ve seen in ages (via Grey Likes Weddings).
* Those gals at Vogue seem to just have effortlessly chic weddings.
* Love this roundup of experiential gifts.
* This video of cat and dog behavior acted out by humans made me laugh out loud.
* I *loved* the show Freaks & Geeks – the creater speculates on what would have happened if there was a Season 2.


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