Rainy weekend ahead



It is supposed to rain like crazy this weekend.  I will be snuggling up with some new magazines and maybe making those cookies I mentioned earlier this week.  Hopefully you have fun plans in the works and a lazy weeked ahead of you.  Here’s the links for the week:

*I wonder how hard these are to make in reality, they look super awesome.
*Did you know there is such a thing as “talk like a pirate day“?
*I like this article on goals for your kids.  Very “what you learned in kindergarten”.  (Is it kindergarten or kindergarden?  I’ve not been sure & I suppose looking it up would have been faster than typing this out.  Oh well.)
*Everyone’s been posting the Girls Season 2 trailer, so I’ll join the club.  I really like this show & have to confess to regularly using Shazam to figure out what fantastic music is playing in the background.  (Another dream gig? A&R for a record company, but I really am not cool enough to pull that off.)
*I adore the idea of a locket – what’s not to love?  Photography & jewelry in the same place.  (Hint to anyone looking to buy me a present, I really love these.)
*These pics of Amazon.com’s warehouse have been bouncing around too – talk about needing to really have the dewey decimal system down pat.
*Oh wow, there’s a new term for people like me — a PANK (I’d kind of prefer PUNK, but c’est la vie) — check out this article to find out what I’m talking about (& as an fyi, my nieces will always be super excited to get presents from Tia (that’s me!), just saying . . .).


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