Some seriously cool art.

In my super dream life/job, I’m an art curator in addition to being a photographer (greedy, I know, but one day it will happen, I said it here first).  In that dream life, I dream of discovering artists like Caitlin Doherty (who I discovered via SF Girl by the Bay, who has the sharpest eye and coolest asthetic).  Caitlin’s art is on her blog & it’s quite mysterious — just a title (learn to multiply, which my little brain is pretty sure is the reference to all the twins in the photos) & it’s not clear if she sells her stuff.  I really hope she does because I love love love it.  Take a look in the meantime.

UPDATE!!  I exchanged emails with the lovely Caitlin & she has just opened an Etsy shop called “LearnToMultiply” where you can purchase prints of her work.  If you’re interested in an original, she suggests emailing her directly.  So excited – I just love her work!


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