Skipping Christmas.


A few years ago, it felt to me like the holidays just came too quickly each year.  It still feels that way to me — like I just finished putting away the decorations and taking down the tree and planning a party five minutes ago (& I am not one of those people who leaves their tree up well into the New Year either).  So, I decided that I would “skip Christmas” every other year.  That way, when it rolls around, it will feel really special.  Now, I am not planning to go full-out Grinch, just a little mini-Grinchy.  My version is no big tree (but maybe something fun in tinsel if I get to Target), not throwing a party (I will certainly attend them if you ask nicely), no cards, nothing too major.  Just a touch of the holiday to acknowledge it.  Along those lines, I’ve been contemplating picking up this sweet watercolor.  I like the idea of having a piece of holiday-specific art that goes up and down when the season rolls around.  It would still fit with the skip years.  What do you think?  Would you skip Christmas?


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